Economic Freedom Forum

BFMC is inviting everyone interested to attend the first international Economic Freedom Forum that will take place on September 22nd at 50 Antonovycha St.



10 am


On September 22-24, leading economists and contributors to the Economic Freedom of the World Report, such as Fred McMahon (Fraser Institute), Robert Lawson (Southern Methodist University), James Gwartney (Florida State University), Ian Vasquez (Cato Institute) and many others, will gather in Ukraine for the first time to discuss methodological aspects of preparing the Index, as well as the latest trends it points to.

In an effort to make the most of this opportunity, Bendukidze Free Market Center is organizing an International Economic Freedom Forum that will be held on September 22 and devoted to discussing limits to the economic freedom in Ukraine and ways of removing them. The agenda of the event will include panel discussions with entrepreneurs and "champions of freedom" – activists, public figures – whose activities are aimed at expanding freedom in our country. We will also cover an urgent topic of freedom of speech during wartime.

Numerous studies confirm that economic freedom contributes to prosperity and is a prerequisite for democratic development. It frees people from dependence on the government in a planned economy and allows them to make economic and political decisions on their own. According to the Faiser Institute's Economic Freedom of the World Report, Ukraine's economic freedom is the lowest in Europe. That is why now, more than ever before, it is important to identify its restrictions and ways to remove these barriers.


See you at the Economic Freedom Forum!