Week of Structural Reforms

Week of Structural Reforms – an examination of reformist forces in Ukraine.




A state can not be a creative force. All it can do is ensure the country's territorial integrity and security of its citizens, the rest is the responsibility of people themselves. This idea was at the core of reforms carried out in Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili and Kakha Bendukidze's team. The same idea was the theme of the Week of Structural Reforms in Honor of Kakha Bendukidze, held on April 18-22, in Kyiv.

Each of the five days was devoted to a single plot – a land reform, currency liberalization, an energy reform, privatization, ensuring the rule of law. All of these plots share a common characteristic: the aforementioned reforms have been stalled horribly, the Ukrainian political class has not been able to implement them (or finish them) for over two decades. The ones who followed the discussions closely drew two conclusions. The bad one is how little has been done over the past two years, how much there is left to do. The good one is that claims about Ukraine's lack of serious reform concepts and reformers themselves are not true.