Awakening of the Force: Presentation

Bendukidze Free Market Center hosted a presentation of Mikhail Saakashvili’s book “Awakening of the Force”.





The book of the Odesa Governor and President of Georgia (2004-2013) Mikhail Saakashvili "Awakening of the Force" launches a new publishing program of the Bendukidze Free Market Center aimed at raising awareness of the Ukrainian society of progressive reformist ideas.

According to the editor of the book Volodymyr Fedoryn, "Mikhail Saakashvili's book is a very interesting political autobiography, which contains a lot of almost sensational facts. But this is not just an autobiography. It is a source of reformist ideas and lessons of leadership to those who are trying to turn Ukraine into a successful and happy country".

"Awakening of the Force" is Mikhail's story about his family, first steps in politics, the Rose Revolution, coming to power in Georgia, the team of reformers, their achievements and failures. A special place is given to Ukraine – memories, thoughts about the present and recommendations for the future. The author often draws parallels between Ukrainian and Georgian events.

Saakashvili calls for swift and drastic changes, "And what does not stop amazing me is an extremely slow pace of political decision-making at all levels. I think this is not a feature of the national character, but rather a property of the corrupt system. Ukraine has no right to waste time. If we grow at 1-2% per year, we will reach the level at the end of 2013 – the last year of Yanukovych, in 15 years".

During the presentation, the Odesa Governor spoke about the feudal-bureaucratic system that paralyzes government's work, the need for a complete change of the political elite, and about the fact that the next government will not be a coalition and will centralize Ukraine, since it is "a ruin of decentralization".

Saakashvili also mentioned his revolutionary experience. "If a revolution does not give any results, restoration comes. The revolution in Georgia was not just flag-waving. The revolution was a daily affair for years after cameras got turned off and it was over for the rest of the world". According to him, one of the setbacks of the second Maidan is absence of "the state approach to Ukraine's interests".

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