Library of Freedom

Library of Freedom is a unique book program aimed at providing Ukrainian readers with access to bestsellers and new releases on economic freedom, free markets, limited governance, etc.

Dear reader,

This is a brief description of the book program of Bendukidze Free Market Center. We believe that the key to happiness and prosperity for all countries is one and the same – free creativity of free people. We believe in the ability of ideas to change human lives, and that is why we consider promoting the ideas of freedom in Ukraine to be our mission.

In order to catch up with our neighbors that are far ahead, we have to move much faster than they do. "One needs to become a champion of reforms to show average results," said Kakha Bendukidze regarding a similar situation.

One of the reasons that hinder Ukraine's rapid development is multi-layered intellectual rubbish, stuffed into the heads of our politicians, university graduates and even public intellectuals. The "Library of Freedom" is the contribution of the BFMC and our partners to the Ukrainian Enlightenment. In the fight against ignorance and deception there is no weapon stronger than a clear, bright and sharp book.

This document is an invitation to cooperate. The "Library of Freedom" needs the support of entrepreneurs and non-indifferent people. Promoting the right ideas is the best contribution to the development of our country!

Volodymyr Fedoryn

Director and Co-Founder of the Bendukidze Free Market Center