Economics at School: Workshop for teachers

BFMC hosted the first one in a series of events dedicated to the future of economics education in Ukraine.



On June 9th BFMC hosted a presentation and workshop for teachers from all over Ukraine. During the event participants had a chance to learn what makes our "Economics" textbook stand out, familiarize themselves with one lesson and the manual that goes with it, as well as discuss the future of economics education in Ukraine.


This discussion revealed that everyone opposes the decision of the Ministry of Education and Science to remove economics from the high school curriculum starting from this year, and agrees that the subject should be taught as early as possible to improve the dangerously low levels of financial and economic literacy. Moreover, all of the participants believe that our textbook is exactly what they need, so they are eager to implement it in their schools as soon as possible!


The workshop resulted in us forming a short list of schools for the trial run that will start in September and, most importantly, making our first steps towards building a coalition for economics as a mandatory subject in middle school. By accomplishing this goal we can ultimately reach over half a million school children a year (just in 8th and 9th grades) and provide them with the tools necessary to understand the modern world and thrive in it.

The event was organized in partnership with the Lithuanian Free Market Institute, Atlas Network, Friedrich Naumann Foundation Ukraine and Belarus, and Osvitoria. Together we are going to transform the way economics is taught at school, thus triggering a crucial cultural change that will replace Soviet past as a force defining our future!

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