Contest of video project ideas: Final

Congratulations to Anastasia Maystrenko and Yuliia Hryhoruk on winning the contest of video project ideas supported by Atlas Network.


On July 27-28, BFMC held a training for the finalists of the video project ideas competition. On Saturday, participants were able to talk to video production professionals about how to work with videos correctly, how to choose the genre and prepare a script, as well as set up sound and light properly. And on Sunday, our four finalists pitched their finalized projects, competing for financial support for their ideas. Based on the final presentations the jury, which included Volodymyr Fedoryn, Yuliya Tychkivska, Galyna Kalachova, Ilona Stankevych, Oksana Chepel and Dmitry Gnap, determined two winners. The first project is dedicated to entrepreneurship in Ukraine, and the second one is reflections on Maidan and lessons for the future. Congratulations to Anastasia Rudenko and Yuliia Hryhoruk!

Until the end of September, the authors will work on the implementation of their projects, and then the videos will be posted to YouTube.

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