Free Generation Forum 2016

FGF 2016, an event for everyone who cares about the future of Ukraine.



from 9 am till 9 pm


The Free Generation Forum is an open platform to discuss the present, past, and most importantly, the future of a free Ukraine. Experts from around the world will meet with those who influence the future, with the first free generation that grew up in the former Soviet Union.

Why are reforms not implemented as fast as we would like them to? How dangerous is populism? How to beat corruption? Is the world becoming freer? How to deal with obstacles created by the state? These and other questions will be discussed at the Free Generation Forum.

We launched a website, where you can find answers to the most important questions, find out how to get to the Forum. Also, it will help you to keep track of program and line-up updates.

How to Get to the Forum and Why This Year's Entry is Not Free

Buy tickets here. The recommended price is UAH 50, but if you want to support the organization of the Forum, you can indicate a larger amount. The symbolic ticket price will increase the conversion rate of the registered participants and facilitate planning. The collected money will cover the live broadcast, simultaneous interpretation and coffee breaks.

The team of organizers is trying to make every next forum more useful to its participants. Last year, a panel discussion "Changes From Below: How to Reform the Country Outside the Civil Service" was held with representatives of several NGOs (EasyBusiness, VoxUkraine, New Country, BFMC). Each of them talked about ideas for the free generation that could get public support. This year we are organizing a demo area, which will feature the largest Ukrainian NGOs, think tanks and ministries that will talk about cooperation opportunities.

What to Expect

The program leadership at the Free Generation Forum 2016 belongs to the Bendukidze Free Market Center (BFMC) and Reed. BFMC with partners and prominent Ukrainian experts will present the Agenda for Ukraine, a radical reform plan that will change the dynamics of the intellectual and political debate in Ukraine. This part of the Forum will also feature the Minister of Finance, Co-founder of BFMC, Oleksandr Danylyuk.

Reed will speak about the ideas of freedom, how to get rid of the Leviathan - the state seeking to control certain aspects of social and economic life. Together with foreign and Ukrainian intellectuals, we will talk about the private initiative, innovations that can be used to circumvent barriers created by politicians and bureaucrats.


Last year the Forum brought together more than 700 participants. All materials of the Free Generation Forum 2015: recordings of lectures and debates, pictures, interviews with the speakers and the comments in the media - can be found here. Among the speakers were Oleksandr Borovyk, Yulia Kovaliv, Oleksandr Paskhaver, Andrei Illarionov, Viktor Pynzenyk, Oleksandr Danylyuk, Oleksandr Noynets, Tymofiy Mylovanov and others. In 2014, we held European Students for Liberty Ukraine Summit in the memory of Kakha Bendukidze.


Reed is an online magazine for the free generation. We analyze reforms, organize lectures at various universities, talk to experts in order to understand what the world will look like tomorrow and what will be the role of individuals and the state.

Bendukidze Free Market Center is an independent analytical center created by friends and supporters of the prominent reformer Kakha Bendukidze. The mission of the Center is to develop and implement radical free-market reforms in Ukraine. BFMC together with political and civil society leaders, the business community and opinion leaders aims to lay the foundation for the Ukrainian economic miracle.

European Students for Liberty is an international organization uniting, educating and empowering students, who promote the ideas of free market, limited government and individual liberty.

Partnership, including media 

The team of the Free Generation Forum will welcome all your offers. We have already prepared some suggestions for the media willing to become our media partners or gain accreditation, and for the NGOs that would like to be presented in the demo area. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


+38 (044) 3555743 | fgf2016@reed.media