Atlas Network Statement of Support

In light of recent developments concerning BFMC, Atlas Network offers the following public statement of support.

Atlas Network is a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit organization funded solely by private philanthropy with not ties or obligations to any governments or government resources. We partner with independent organizations around the world who advance research and educational activities related to free enterprise, economic liberty, and economics. All of our grant support is awarded via a competitive, grant making process.

Bendukidze Free Market Center has been a trusted partner of Atlas Network in Ukraine. We support organizations who are communicating economic policy ideas and engaging broader civil society participants in public dialogue.

Important to our approach is the recognition that the path forward for any country must be determined and advanced by citizens of that country in a legal and transparent manner and not by foreign entities or interests. Bendukidze Free Market Center has consistently demonstrated to us its independence and integrity in their educational approach to public policy in Ukraine.

We continue to applaud their efforts as they advance, with democratic and transparent values, public policy solutions that they believe are in the best interest of the Ukrainian people.

Atlas Network letter of support