BFMC at the Antigua Forum

2019 started off on the right foot – at the Antigua Forum, where we presented BFMC’s “Rule of Law” project.


Our post holiday season started at the Antigua Forum in Guatemala, where we had the opportunity to present and discuss BFMC's "Rule of Law" project.

The Antigua Forum is the accelerator for freedom of Universidad Francisco Marroquin, the purpose of which is to discover better ways to advance liberty, increase individual choice, and liberate people from government coercion. Political leaders (such as Kakha Bendukidze and Ruth Richardson in 2012), entrepreneurs and experts from all over the world are invited to participate in the Forum to work on projects that offer real solutions to real problems.

This year, 10 such projects were selected, one of which was presented by us. The project is devoted to the problem of rule of law in Ukraine, its purpose is to analyze various economic spheres through the prism of the lack of rule of law and provide solutions to problems that arise in each specific area.

Through lively discussions with the participants of the Forum, we returned to Kyiv with a detailed action plan.

Antigua Forum