Kakha Bendukidze

kakha bendukidze

An entrepreneur and politician, the Founder of the Free University of Tbilisi. The author of successful liberal reforms in Russia and Georgia. From 2004 to 2009 he held government positions in Georgia – the Minister of Economy, the State Minister-Coordinator for structural and economic reforms in all ministries and departments, the Head of the State Chancellery.

“A patriot of Georgia and freedom, he devoted the last eight months of his life to Ukraine… In contrast to the new leaders of the country, Bendukidze was well aware that reforms are not a threat, but the best chance for salvation… Radical reforms in Ukraine are inevitable… which means that Bendukidze’s lessons and ideas will certainly be called for.”


Volodymyr Fedoryn

From the preface to the book “Goodbye, Empire. Conversations with Kakha Bendukidze”